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Will Cryptocurrencies Provide Safe Banking for Cannabis?

Cannabis dispensaries are highly vulnerable to theft due to their cash-based operations. Many dispensaries have more cash on hand than actual banks, making them prime targets for robberies and employee theft. The regulatory aspect of the cannabis industry being federally illegal further amplifies this problem because it makes banking more difficult. Dispensaries often have to pay exorbitant fees for armored trucks and other miscellaneous expenses to move their money. Cryptocurrencies banking is safe and secure.

While dispensaries are beginning to use secure transportation methods and other security measures to safeguard their cash, problems persist. The sheer amount of cash involved and the limitations on banking make it a challenging issue to overcome.

Will Cryptocurrencies Provide Safe Banking?

However, there is a potential solution in the form of Bitcoin and other decentralized clearinghouses. With the rise of Cryptocurrencies banking, dispensaries could bypass traditional banking and instead use Bitcoin as a method of payment. This would eliminate the need for armored trucks and reduce fees associated with moving cash around.

Even though Bitcoin has its own set of challenges, it could potentially be a much safer and more efficient way for dispensaries to handle their money. For example, there is a dispensary in California that accepts Bitcoin as payment and they have seen positive results since implementing this system. By using Bitcoin, the dispensary has been able to transfer funds quickly and easily while avoiding excessive fees.

The cash-based nature of the cannabis industry leaves dispensaries highly vulnerable to theft. The regulatory challenges of the industry only amplify these issues, making it difficult for dispensaries to find a solution. However, through the use of Bitcoin and other decentralized clearinghouses, dispensaries could potentially bypass the issues associated with traditional banking and make their operations more efficient and secure. While there are still obstacles to be addressed, the potential benefits are undeniable.

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