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LORADAR Ginfrim 5 Pack Security Retractable Cable Lock


LORADAR Ginfrim 5 Pack Security Retractable Cable Lock

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Introducing the LORADAR Ginfirm Telescopic Steel Retractable Cable Lock – Your Ultimate Solution for Security and Anti-Theft!

Key Features:

– Universal Compatibility: Our hardware cable lock is designed to fit seamlessly on all products with curved surfaces, ensuring a versatile and secure solution. It’s perfect for items like speakers, various bottled products, microphones, and remote controls with curved surfaces. Note: The rectangular iron cap is suitable for objects with a flat surface measuring not less than 1.3*0.8 inches.

– Remote Control Anti-Loss Rope: Say goodbye to the frustration of lost or stolen remote controls. LORADAR Anti Theft Cable Lock is your go-to solution, tailor-made for a wide range of remote controls like TV, DVD, OHP, and more. With an easy adhesive pad attachment, it’s a reliable way to safeguard your valuable remotes, saving you the cost of replacements.

-Two Installation Methods for Ultimate Convenience:

We provide flexibility with two installation methods. You can either mount the anchor plate using strong adhesive on your devices or securely attach it to a table or wall using the included adhesive or screws. Choose what works best for your setup. Installation Method 1: Screw fixing; Installation Method 2: Double-sided adhesive on the back.

– Lock a Variety of Items: Not just for remotes, our cable lock allows you to secure a wide range of items. Lock down an electrical remote control, a calculator, a projector, or products in your store – the choice is yours. The package includes a retractable cable, an anchor plate, screws, light adhesive, and the necessary tools for easy installation.

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Upgrade your security game with the LORADAR Ginfirm Telescopic Steel Cable Lock – the ultimate solution for safeguarding your belongings. Whether at home or in the workplace, enjoy peace of mind knowing your valuables are safe and sound. Get yours today and put an end to the frustration of lost remotes and stolen items!

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Experience security, convenience, and peace of mind all in one package. Choose LORADAR, your trusted partner in theft prevention and security.


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