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Pop top pre roll tubes


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  • Step 1: Upload the relevant design for your pop top , along with any notes. We will E-mail you to confirm design.
  • Step 2: We will provide you with a print proof for your final review.
  • Step 3: Once you approve the print and pay, we initiate production.

Pop top pre roll tubes


Introducing our latest addition to our wholesale pre-roll tubes collection: the 98mm industry standard pre-roll tube. Crafted as part of our new line, these tubes are designed to accommodate a wide range of products. From standard joints to broader blunts. The 98mm size strikes the perfect balance, fitting most full-sized one-gram pre-rolls, as well as half grams, dog walkers, and littles.

To give you a better idea, this pre-roll tube is tailored to house a RAW 98 Special Cone comfortably. Though it won’t accommodate a RAW Lean Cone. What sets our product apart is its certification – it adheres to the US 16 CFR 1700.20 standard, complies with most State Laws, and aligns with FDA regulations, ensuring quality and safety.

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While there are numerous 98mm tubes available in the market, ours stands out as one of the rare few made in the USA. We proudly claim the title of the sole manufacturer. We offer these tubes in three attractive colors: opaque white, opaque black, and a clear translucent option. If you desire more variety, our services extend to pre-roll label branding, allowing your products to exude uniqueness among competitors.

Moreover, for effortless labeling, our pre-roll tubes are compatible with either of our SST Shrink Sleeve Applicator machines. Also compatible with streamlining the process for your convenience. Elevate your product presentation and ensure your merchandise stands out with our high-quality, versatile 98mm pre-roll tubes – a testament to both innovation and quality.


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