Pre Roll Glass Tube With Child Resistant Lid


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What distinguishes these pre-roll tubes is their compatibility with child-resistant caps, a crucial feature that not only enhances safety but also guarantees compliance with rigorous regulations, irrespective of your operational status.

These joint tubes offer effortless customization, allowing you to tailor them to embody your brand’s distinct identity, granting you a competitive edge in a bustling market. Furthermore, their opaque surface facilitates easy labeling, significantly boosting your brand’s visibility.

Concerned about expenses? You’ll be delighted to discover that we offer these joint tubes at highly competitive wholesale prices, permitting you to build your inventory without burdening your finances. Additionally, if you wish to evaluate before committing, we offer readily available samples for online ordering.

Here’s what you get with our 97mm Opaque¬† Glass Pre-Roll Joint Tubes:

  • Compatibility with child-resistant caps
  • Customizability to align with your brand
  • Competitive wholesale pricing that respects your budget
  • Ideal fit for 1 1/4 Size pre-rolled joints
  • Convenient online ordering for samples
  • A surface conducive to easy labeling
  • Airtight and odor-proof
  • Reusability and versatility
  • Opaqueness for maximum compliance

While our joint tubes excel in aesthetics and compliance, functionality remains central to their design. They boast airtight, odor-sealing properties, preserving the freshness of your pre-rolled joints while containing their aroma. Moreover, these tubes are eco-friendly, offering environmentally conscious brands an opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint.

Beyond their primary purpose for pre-rolls, these joint tubes exhibit remarkable versatility. You can repurpose them for an array of cannabis products, making them a valuable addition to your packaging arsenal.

Why hesitate? Make the intelligent choice for your brand and opt for our 97mm Opaque Glass Pre-Roll Joint Tubes. They represent the ultimate packaging solution for any serious player in the cannabis industry.


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