Display jars to showcase your product to consumers.

AERI is the only electric aerated pod for displaying samples.

Home, The Dispensary Jar
Home, The Dispensary Jar

Magnifying glass and Sensory outlet

Letting your customers be able to smell and view the product will keep them happy and coming back.

Stylish design

Custom branding to set your shop apart from the competition. Put your logo or customize it to your theme.


Home, The Dispensary Jar
Home, The Dispensary Jar

Reduce the spread of viruses

Keep your patients safe! the sensory pod is fully compliant with deli and prepackaged style dispensaries.


The display jar works great. I was able to customize the graphics with my logo. It upgraded the feel of my shop, and gives me and my customers a piece of mind.

Home, The Dispensary Jar
Ishita Malhotra

HR Manager, Flavor LLC.

The Sensory pods are extremely efficient. Still requires weekly maintenance, but way better then my old jars. Customers love them too.

Home, The Dispensary Jar
Kylo James

Green Jar

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